Using Music To Learn Vocabulary: Part 8

Using Music To Learn Vocabulary is back with its 8th installment!

1. Cadaverous — “Generator ^ Second Floor” by Freelance Whales

Cadaverous means resembling a corpse (cadaver) by being pale, thin, bony, or ghostly.

2. Ferine, Moribund, Salutary, Mongrel, and Pariah — “Authentic Pyrrhic Remission” by Of Montreal

Ferine means wild and menacing, moribund is dying, salutary means beneficial, a mongrel is a mutt, and a pariah is an outcast.

3. Vagabond — “No More Home, No More Love” by Soko

A vagabond is a person who moves from place to place with no home or job, a nomad.

4. Art Nouveau — “It’s Now” by Imperial Teen

Art Nouveau is a style of art and architecture popular in 1890-1910, characterized by natural forms and flowery curving movement.

5. Ephemeral and Tendrils — “Endless Summer” by The Jezabels

Ephemeral means short-lived and a tendril is a twisting, thread-like structure.

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